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Just in time for the end of the Icebrood saga in Guild Wars 2, the developers have given us a new date that we can mark in red on the calendar: On July 27, there will be a livestream for the third expansion, End of Dragons. EoD is currently due to appear in 2021.

The ice brood saga of Guild Wars 2 is hardly over and thawed out, so we can look forward to news about the next big release: End of Dragons is currently set to appear in 2021 and will be live-streamed on July 27 by the developers presented. There will be new details about the setting and the story on the continent of Cantha. Players can also look forward to finally finding out when they can participate in upcoming beta events in the expansion.

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New concept images as a teaser for End of Dragons

In addition to the invitation to tune in on the 27th, there are also three beautiful new concept images of End of Dragons to marvel at. Guild Wars: Factions veterans know exactly which region it is:

New concept image for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons [Quelle: Arenanet]

Gothic cathedrals embedded in gigantic trees – this is definitely the Echowald. Along with the Jade Sea, this was one of two distinctive areas in Factions, in which two factions, Kurzick and Luxon, ruled. In an article I highlighted for you why returning to Cantha means so much to GW1 fans (like me).

Guild Wars Factions: The Iconic Trailer from 2006

From a new roadmap for summer 2021 It also shows that End of Dragons will not only bring new story, areas and specializations with it: A third generation of legendary weapons will also be part of End of Dragons – we will receive a voucher for a precursor for these weapons in the summer can earn via a new meta-success.

What are you hoping for from the End of Dragons livestream? Do you think there will only be a trailer or real gameplay? Write it in the comment area!

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons: First trailer for the third expansion

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