It is said so beautifully that for every fetish there is someone who likes it. In the last few months, players have discovered en masse that they like gigantic women. We owe the Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village, as Resident Evil 8 will be called. Since the unveiling, the vampire lady, who will appear in the game with her undead daughters and who measures a proud 2.90 meters, has caused a sensation.

It has also conquered the world of cosplay, and has done so several times, and a life-size cardboard exhibitor is currently revealing its enormous proportions in Asian countries.

But how would a meeting with the good woman turn out in reality? What if, for example, she doesn’t tear our heads off with her claws, but steps on us with her huge high heels? Youtuber Kyle Hill has now got to the bottom of this deeply scientific question in a separate video from Publisher Capcom.

The answer to the question: not good. Hill calculates that Lady Dimitrescu weighs about 225 kilos, not including clothes. If she now stamps her pointy shoe, she could theoretically even damage structural steel.

Hill then uses weights and an artificial head to simulate the kick, and the result is muddy chaos spread in all directions. So think about exactly how far you want to take your fetish!

In the more constructive Resident Evil Village News: We were finally able to take a look at the Resident Evil Re: Verse multiplayer mode. We were also able to preview the main game. In Resident Evil 8, the Mercenaries mode will also return. Also exciting: Resident Evil 9 will probably be the last numbered part of the series.

Resident Evil Village (buy now ) will be released with Resident Evil Re: Verse on May 7, 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

Resident Evil Re: Verse: Teaser video for Resi 8 Village’s multiplayer mode

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