In games like GTA Online or Red Dead Redemption Online, the NPCs are mercilessly at the mercy of the players. Ryan Reynolds takes on this fate in the film Free Guy and strikes back.

The often nameless NPCs, like GTA Online or Red Dead Redemption Online, have pretty much everything the game allows its players to do. They are attacked, shot, run over, set on fire and much, much more. Free Guy tells the story of such an NPC.

Ryan Reynolds as a free guy does not feel like being attacked all the time and beats back. The setting looks like one of these "If real life was a video game"Videos off. Films like Pixels and Ready Player One have already tried on these mergers.

The many CGI elements seem a bit trashy – and look like just after video game – but what should perhaps characterize the look of the film. We should not judge premature on the first trailer. Free Guy is due to come to the cinemas in July 2020.

Do the NPCs hate us?

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Video games from the perspective of NPCs: That's what the characters really think about you

The term video game adaptation is indeed wrong in this film. Is this a movie video game now? That does not fit somehow. No matter! What is your first impression of Free Guy? Write your opinion in the comments.