There are games where we're just not nice. Most of the time we can't help it – friendship doesn't always win. At least in these 11 games.

It's not always fun to be the good guy. Sometimes we just have these dark cravings that tempt us to steal an old lady's walker. We're talking about our video game selves, of course. Some video games help you out and let you slip into the skin of a really nasty protagonist. However, that sometimes makes us feel disgusted with ourselves. Here are 11 games that make you a real scoundrel.

Trevor Philips is a sick psychopath who is extremely unpredictable and violent. When he gets angry, we don't want to be in the same room with him. Particularly critical is the minute-long and non-skippable torture scene with which Grand Theft Auto V caused a sensation in the media at the time – including the annoying killer game debate.

Most characters from the Deponia series give up relatively quickly when dealing with the Protagonist Rufus. He steals, tricked his fellow campaigners and whistled about the consequences of his crazy experiments – most of the time, the others are the ones who suffer anyway. Nevertheless, Daedalic managed to portray this chaotic egomaniac in an extremely personable manner. Even though he did Process baby dolphins into cat food. And yes, this passage really exists – in the third part of the series.

In a PS3-exclusive DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum you are as joker on the go and fight against the good. It becomes clear again and again what kind of sick spirit the Joker really is, since he is delighted in the suffering of others and hatches brilliant plans to wreak havoc in Gotham City.

Until Dawn is a horror classic that actually teaches you that you shouldn't be a bastard. At least then if all main characters are to survive. In some games, however, a protagonist was deliberately killed. We're talking about Emily. She is extremely convinced of herself and of the opinion that she is always right. And with this attitude she pisses off all the other characters. Especially her toxic behavior towards her boyfriend Matt and her ex-boyfriend Mike has led some players to to "beat up" one or the other quick-time event.

In the swimming pool you can separate innocent people from one another and spread distrust.

If you want to win Trouble in Terrorists Town, you have to be a bit of a disgust. "Audacity wins" is the game motto here. You can only win a match as a traitor by spinning intrigues and duping your friends. It's fun – but it's actually not the fine English way.

At Bully: In the lap of honor you are – as the game title suggests – a bully. In the role of Jimmy Hopkins, you initially want to take over the Bullworth Academy – vandalism, arson and fights are inevitable. Your ultimate goal is to gradually go to a private boarding school to advance to the top bully.


InFAMOUS: Second Son gives you the chance to play as the bad guy and destructively abuse your superpowers. The possibility of also playing as a “good guy” rubs your face right into the fact that there is another way. Without killing. But not with less bang.

Needles Kane from Twisted Metal is a wacky psycho clown who was actually once a down-to-earth ice cream truck driver. At some point, however, he found that killing simply gives him a lot more pleasure. So he focused on that – and began decimating his family. Now he is on the hunt for his daughter, who was the only one who survived the massacre. Some passers-by have to serve as the new street color. NOBODY stands between the psycho clown in the ice cream van and his goal!

Kratos is brought to kill his own family in the first part of the God of War series. For this he takes revenge with one bloody campaign, which leads him once through the entire Olympus. In the latest part of the series, he also declares war on the Nordic gods. During his personal vendetta against all that is divine blood, every remedy is right for Kratos. After a few game scenes, we feel a little lousy. That we, for example, Hephaestus relax his wife Aphrodite is not even the tip of the iceberg.

How many times have we cursed the person who met us at Mario Kart shot a green, red or even blue tank in front of the bumper … but just as often we love to be the person who throws at former turtle dwellings. With pacifism you don't win a flower pot here!

* SPOILER WARNING for the end of the first part of The Last of Us! *

Joel is a character who has suffered a lot. Right at the beginning of the game you can see how he loses his daughter Sarah (picture). That also explains the father feelings, which he developed towards Ellie in the course of the game. When you reach the goal at the end of the game – find a facility for resistance and, thanks to Ellie's immunity, find a cure for the zombie fungus – Joel is moved to a controversial decision. The cure for the pandemic is only available in exchange for the girl's life – she would not survive the necessary intervention. So Joel does something that feels neither right nor wrong: Shoot the entire facility and run away with Ellie. A cure for all of humanity against the life of the foster daughter whom he took to the heart on the long journey? What is the right decision there?

Is that why the games mentioned are bad? For heaven's sake! NO! Exploring the dark side has a very special feeling, which is what makes these games so fascinating. Sometimes in a tragic, sometimes in a hilarious way, we are made to question our "deeds". This is precisely what makes good games – in addition to the general entertainment factor, of course. But do you know what's even better than hitting the video game world on your own? Try it together with friends! Take a look at our photo gallery of the best multiplayer games.