The current COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for all of us and has some limitations. Here and there it can get tight even with household and hygiene articles. It's a good thing that the trainers at least have their Pokémon that help out in their imaginations.

Toilet paper could be used as a form of payment or currency at the moment because it is difficult to get these rolls of paper in some places. If Pokémon were real, however, the whole thing would be much easier – than that Pocket monsters are always a great help to their trainers, even if it gets tight with toilet paper. See for yourself:

"In times of need, Ditto will be everything his trainer needs."

At least, that's in the imagination of Reddit user MEWSESdotComwho misused the Pokémon Ditto.

It is not known whether the Ditto learned the right attack in the drawing. What about you Would you think of a suitable attack? Let us know your suggestions in the comment box.