In WoW 21 billion gold are traded every day

of Sebastian Glanzer
WoW players turn over 21 billion WoW gold every day between classic and retail. Senior Security EngineerShawn Routhier shows at a presentation at the Splunk conference how to keep track of billions of auctions in WoW and how to filter data correctly.

The economy of World of Warcraft not only fascinates WoW players, who play the MMORPG as an economic simulation, but has also been treated in the real world in one or two studies. Some even owe their career in the business sector to the WoW market.

At a Splunk conference (online this year, otherwise in Las Vegas), Blizzard's Senior Security Engineer Shawn Routhier spoke about the economy in World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99 ), more precisely to the evaluation of the economic data from WoW. He explains, for example, how you managed to filter 1.2 billion auction house events in two seconds without producing a huge pile of data junk. Routhier is not a developer, but works in collaboration with other programmers and customer support to evaluate data relating to the economy of the game.

In his presentation it shows in detail where the problems lie in evaluating billions of data, what the challenges were after the auction house was overhauled, how to recognize abnormalities at auctions and much more. For WoW gamers who don't like programming, the following numbers are probably the most interesting: Every day WoW players move 21 billion gold.

Data analysis: 21 billion gold are traded in WoW every day (2)

Data analysis: 21 billion gold are traded in WoW every day (2)


It is also interesting how differently gold changes hands in WoW Classic and in the retail version. Although that should not be surprising for those familiar with both versions: In WoW Classic, 57% of all gold transactions take place directly via the trading window. You have to consider that players sometimes let drinking gold jump for conjured goods of the magician or sorcerer and the method of the gold DKP is very popular in Classic. Almost as many transactions take place through the auction house and very little gold changes hands through the post office.

In retail WoW, there is less player-to-player trading chat and the down payments for the auction house don't hurt that much. That is why 76% of the auctions also take place via the AH. In contrast to WoW Classic, only a fraction is traded from player to player. It is somewhat surprising, however, that more gold is transferred via the post in retail WoW than in Classic.

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