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Because of the most exclusive mount in WoW history! On the Russian WoW Classic server Flamegor, a total of 90 players could soar to become scarab prince in the course of the opening of Ahn'Qiraj and thus secure the Black Qiraji resonance crystal for the Black Qiraji tank drone.

It took longer to open Ahn'Qiraj on my WoW Classic server than I thought beforehand. The reason: Many larger guilds prioritized those first Quest line for building the scepter of sandstormsto get one, two maybe even three Black Qiraji armored drones to secure. Only when this goal was achieved, war supplies were farmed in large quantities and a fantastic competition was launched, which drove up the motivation for farming fabrics and Co. on the whole server. In the end – if I scroll through the corresponding channel in the server discord – we probably had around 25 players who were able to secure the exclusive mount.

However, the community of another Classic server has placed a much larger focus on the Black Qiraji resonance crystal for the Black Qiraji tank drone. After the successful opening of Ahn'Qiraj, there are said to be an impressive 90 scarab lords on the Russian realm Flamegor (via Wowhead). One of the classic princes had already bought the mount in Vanilla-WoW.

Of course, you can only get that many princes if you agree in advance. A player on the server reports that the guild leaders of most of the major guilds agreed early on not to hand over war supplies until August 12th, in order to give all players enough time to build the scepter. The supplies that were then handed over were not enough, however, the caravan of NPCs only set out for Silithus on August 16. Some guilds were able to earn up to six beetles, and some guildless players also earned the mount. It also helped that two layers were active on the server, so that the players could split up on two versions of Silithus when farming the beetle fragments.

How does it look, how many Scarab Lords are there on your Classic Realm? Did you even get the black bug yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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