That great art and alcohol often go hand in hand, is perhaps just a cliché, although modder winedave under the influence of rum quite accomplished considerable.

Already in the description of the mod on nexusmods is it[called:"I had a bit of rum and that came out of it." Modder winedave, whose mods have surprisingly little to do with wine, has apparently been very successful in changing the source of his creativity and creating the mod "Rum Induced Mountains" for Skyrim.

Winedave probably had a lot of fun creating this mod. Under a commentary he reveals that his secret consisted of drinking three different rum varieties, For mods with stone textures he needs Cpt. Morgan Black Spiced, 12-year-old Apleton Estate and a third bottle he can not find anymore. It was probably the last of the day.

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In fact, the textures of the stones are extremely well done. His portfolio shows that he but also without the influence of alcohol can make very good mods, We'll see what winedave is planning next, maybe "Whiskey Induced Forests"?

But do not forget: you should always use responsible modding – or was it a drink?

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