The weekend may be over, but you can still play Lust for Darkness for a few hours for free: The erotic horror invites you to a horror house with certain advantages that are worth a look – depending on your taste.

Lust for Darkness

A little blood, a little violence, a little horror – huh, can there be something more relaxed on a spring-like Monday? Horror fans say no, but I say: maybe they do. Namely with blood, occult violence and pretty people in pretty positions. Lust for Darkness is exactly what it suggests in the title: a lovecraftian Run-through-the-dark-mansion-and-explore-it-Game that – like very few others – focuses on the erotic alongside horror.

Also: It is for under three hours and still up in the evening on Monday free. N / A? Nice Lust?

Lust for Darkness: Sexy and Evil

The story is typical, the content is not so much: You receive a letter from your wife who has been missing for a year, in which a property away from civilization is mentioned. What are you doing? Stop by, of course. Inside, however, is lost bizarre cultwhich becomes all the stranger when reality and madness meet – just as the author intended H.P. Lovecraft – mix.

What could have been typical Lovecraft horror quickly takes a suggestive turn and is not afraid of explicit scenes and all sorts of abstruse gadgets in the property. Well-intentioned advice: check out the trailer before playing the game in the presence of other people. (PS .: The game is from 16 years suitable.)

Lust for Darkness is from February 26th to March 1st inclusive Playable for free on Steam.

Lust for Darkness may bump in some places or make you laugh unintentionally, just like the NPCs mostly look wooden and don't leave a particularly real impression. If you are interested in the erotic horror genre, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the game. Lust for Darkness was released for PC in 2018.