Thursday, October 28, 2021

Indian news channel used theme song for breaking news

CS: GO is a big topic in India right now. Not because it's played around the world, but because a local news broadcaster, probably out of ignorance, backed up a post on the Corona virus with the theme song of the game.

Social distancing and isolation as a result of the corona virus pandemic have led to many games and websites recording record-breaking user numbers, as everyone is currently looking for things to distract themselves with. The online tactical shooter CS: GO has therefore broken the record of one million simultaneous users over the past few weeks. Accordingly, many know the game's theme song, which was surprisingly recognized during the news about the virus.

You just want to think of something else.

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We play in the editorial office to distract ourselves

Special news

The news is currently full of the global pandemic, after all, citizens are to be kept up to date. Numerous programs report on the current state of affairs – including in India.

One program, however, stood out recently because the makers, probably out of ignorance, accompanied by the dramatic theme song by CS: GO. The page talkesport published a small video.

Have you recognized songs from games in certain situations? What were the titles and where did you discover them? We are happy to tell us in the comments.