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Indiana Jones 5's production appears to be under a curse. Because there is a new screenwriter again. When we can finally count on the film is still unclear.

Indiana Jones 5 has a new screenwriter! Yet again. David Koepp, who has even written two screenplays for the film, has left the project.

the never ending Story

First, David Koepp (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) was asked to write a script for Indy 5. But he was eventually replaced by Jonathan Kasdan. His script was also not well received, because next Dan Fogelman (Cars 1 and 2) was allowed to try a story about the well-known archaeologist. Since his work did not meet the expectations of the producers, David Koepp was brought on board again. But he now declared that he was no longer part of the team.

"When James Mangold joined, he deserved a chance to do something of his own. I had developed several versions with Steven (Spielberg). And when Steven left, it seemed to be the right time to let Jim do his own thing and to get involved, "said David Koepp.

The new director James Mangold has his own ideas for Indiana Jones 5, which he now wants to implement. It is not entirely clear whether he is now writing the script himself. It is also unclear whether elements from earlier scripts are used. This was the case with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which used elements from Frank Darabont's screenplay "Indiana Jones and the City of Gods".

For Indy fans, it means that they have to wait a little longer for the next adventure. Due to the current corona crisis, the film cannot be produced anyway. Let's see what we get in the end for a film and when Indiana Jones 5 will be shown in the cinemas.

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