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As Variety magazine reports, Steven Spielberg will apparently not direct Indiana Jones 5. Disney is currently looking for a replacement and already has a possible successor in mind.

Director Steven Spielberg actually wanted the film series Indiana Jones leave with a real highlight and not end with the archaeologist's adventures with the last film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was heavily criticized by fans. But that seems to have changed now.

Spielberg clears the director's chair

According to sources from Variety magazine, Spielberg is said to have resigned from Indiana Jones 5 at his own request. He wants a new generation of filmmakers to be able to contribute their ideas and views to the series. Does this have anything to do with the shooting start-up issues that actor Harrison Ford recently spoke of? Or is it perhaps related to the constantly new screenplays that will be written for the next Indy film?

According to Variety, Disney is already looking for a replacement and is currently supposedly in talks with director James Mangold (Logan). Steven Spielberg should remain in production as a producer and continue to have a say in creative matters.

Disney has so far not confirmed or denied the news.

Source: Variety

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