Those who have not been able to connect the adjective "hot" with nerds and game developers could now burn their fingers: the indie people, a collective of indie developers, have redefined the term. In their illustrated calendar, they show themselves more freely than ever – and for a good cause.

A new year is coming. A new calendar? Can you hang yourself already. What could be more natural than investing in the domestic gaming industry and using it for a good cause? The Indies do both.

A lot of attention to detail, a lot of humor and a pinch of scarce cosplay: The result is a colorful calendar that shows both the boys and the girls of the rascals in a variety of poses and costumes. They themselves call it seductive – a calendar that gives goose bumps to the whole body. Whether the description is correct, we can not tell you, but make you like your own picture.

That the boys and girls like to drop their covers, of course, is not the only reason to publish such a calendar. The Indiestrolche collective says:

With this action we wanted to pick up on the current discourse and show that wallow in the gamer scene not only sexist Nazi pigs, but also hot home, young, committed people against the right. This is so important to us that we even have our own hashtag: #nacktgegennazis

What famous streamer, creators and developers say about the calendar, you can see in this video:

Complete proceeds go to the fight against law

The entire proceeds from the sale of the calendar flows into the Amadeu Antonio Foundationwhose goal is to strengthen our democratic civil society, which consistently opposes right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism. Because what is probably even hotter than the calendar itself? Exactly. To live in a world without hatred. In collaboration with the gaming division of Antifa e.V., each calendar also comes with gaming antifa stickers.

When and how do I get this calendar?

Who has missed the Indiestrolche at the German Developer Award, the calendar can now easily in their online shop to order. Costs? 15 euros plus shipping.

Who are the indie people anyway?

The Indies are one self-styled joke collective German indie developercomposed of parts from the indie studios Backwoods, Ludopium, Pixel Maniacs and Sluggerfly. They were scanned for the calendar of hc_diZee, which is also known as streamer. You can both the Indiestrochen on twitter as well as on Instagram consequences.

What do you think of the calendar? We find that so much humor, courage to nudity and self-irony have earned more than just a purchase. Anyone looking for a suitable or inappropriate gift for someone can blindly access this calendar and at the same time defend themselves against the law. #nacktgegennazis