Shortly before Christmas there is another damn good offer for the Xbox One S. Euronics offers the home console with plenty of storage space in a bundle with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at an unbeatable best price. GIGA reveals who the offer is really worth

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Update from December 19, 2019: The electronics retailer Euronics has a real price hit just before Christmas. In the online shop of the specialty store you just get the Xbox One S (1 TB) bundled with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at the new best price from just once 153.99 euros – We have already included the shipping costs.

If you order now and are lucky, the console will be delivered in time for Christmas. By the way, there is also a free trial month for the Xbox Game Pass, a month of Xbox Live Gold, and a month of EA Access. This means that you have enough games to play right after you buy them.

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Xbox One S: Microsoft's home console goes on sale

The Black Friday countdown has started and there are some interesting offers to be found before the big day. Among all the bargains there is also an attractively priced bundle for the Xbox One S. MediaMarkt is currently selling the home console with 1 TB storage space together with Jedi on eBay: Fallen Order for.

To secure the console at the offer price, all you have to do at checkout is the discount code PREISOPT6 use and select “Click & Collect” as the shipping method to have the bundle delivered to a MediaMarkt branch. This way you save the shipping costs. If you want the console delivered to your home, you have to pay 4.99 euros more.

But that's still a fantastic deal. The next best price is currently offered by Amazon. , as a look at the price history shows:

Xbox One S: who is it worth buying?

PlayStation vs. Xbox – sometimes you have the feeling that this conflict is as old as mankind itself. Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves. Sony and Microsoft offer different outstanding exclusive titles for their consoles. If you absolutely want to play Halo or Forza, you can go for the Xbox, fans of God of War or Uncharted should look for a deal for the PlayStation 4.

Otherwise, it also plays an important role for many players what kind of console their friends have – because cross-console crossplay has so far only been possible in very few games. What the Xbox One S has over the Sony consoles: It can be used as a 4K Blu-ray player.

Xbox One S: Buy now or wait?

Anyone who has been thinking about buying an Xbox One S for a while can now strike without hesitation. Bundled with EA's new top game Jedi: Fallen Order

To prepare for the console purchase, bargain hunters can look for additional peripherals: replacement controllers and one are a good start.