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An Escape Room that one or the other of you has certainly already played. But an infiltration room, basically the reverse version of an escape room? They seem to be popular in Japan right now, and one of them gets a lot of flair in Tokyo, because it's designed in the look of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Escape rooms are enjoying growing popularity and are now so widespread that the majority of our readers have probably already romped in one – or wanted to try out one of the games by Exit and the like. On the other hand, Infiltration Rooms are rather unknown, almost the counterpart of an Escape Room. It's not about escaping a room by figuring out puzzles, but rather imitating video game heroes like Sam Fisher or Solid Snake in real life and sneaking through a room past guards to a destination. In Japan, these rooms, also known as Real Infiltration Games, can be found more frequently, as suggested by Kotaku reporter Brian Ashcraft, who has lived in Osaka since 2001.

There is nothing exciting or curious about an infiltration room in and of itself. Unless of course you are a fan of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and thanks to such a real-world attraction you have the opportunity to imitate the members of the terrorist group Avalanche. Opens on December 9th, 2020 according to the Kotaku report in Tokyo, Japan an infiltration game, in which the players re-enact the attack on Mako reactor 1 in Midgar. The goal: destroy the reactor. Not in reality, of course, but in the game. The players have to sneak past security guards and can use the tablets for help from the cloud and the like. There's a trailer for that …

… which may overdramatize some things. At least the energy balls that appear from wristwatches. Interesting concept, but do you think that this could also prevail in this country? Or is there somehow missing … the kick?

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