We know from job postings that inXile is currently working on a large RPG with Unreal Engine 5. Now an alleged insider explained a little more about this game and another project of the studio.

Two exciting projects

The insider, who calls himself Sponger, explains that one of the games is Chad Moore's project. This could be the project that is currently being developed with Unreal Engine 5. There are rumors that an RPG might await us in a steampunk universe. According to Sponger, we cannot expect a release of this game before 2024.

InXile will also work on another project. This is supposedly related to what happened in 2020. What exactly this means is unclear. However, the community is already speculating that this could be a Fallout title. When Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda is complete, other studios could work on Bethesda's brands as well. A new Fallout spin-off is therefore quite conceivable. This happened before with Fallout: New Vegas. So maybe inXile is working on some kind of Fallout: New Vegas 2, which is somehow connected to the events of 2020. Maybe this has something to do with the corona pandemic? Does a virus play a bigger role in the title?

"The team at inXile will grow massively this year," says Sponger. "(The) more important thing is that the deeper integration of Bethesda will bring some great things to the development table (the XGS integration has already happened and it is really happening). This is going to be (an) extraordinary year for everyone at inXile – a true one Breakthrough year! "

All of this information has not been confirmed by Microsoft and inXile and should therefore be viewed as rumors.

Source: Resetera

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