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Interestingly, a job ad from Square Enix shows how far the development of Final Fantasy 16 has progressed. It states that the "basic development and scenario production" has already been completed. That should at least mean that the basic framework is already in place.

The Playstation 5 will appear in Europe on November 19, 2020. At that time, Final Fantasy 16 will certainly not be ready for a release. But maybe in the coming year! Or by 2022 at the latest? The developers of the JRPG wanted to underline such assumptions with the game scenes shown in the Awakening trailer. The team around producer Naoki Yoshida specifically decided to show such sequences so that the fans already had a real impression of the JRPG.

The fact that the work on Final Fantasy 16 is actually progressing well can now also be seen from a job advertisement on the Japanese Square Enix website. Because there they are looking for people who will actively support the team in cutscenes and character actions (possibly combat). It says (loosely translated from Japanese): "We have already completed the basic development and production of scenarios and are in the process of expanding various development tools and continuing to create resources and build boss fights on a large scale." In other words: the basic structure is in place, the story has probably already been worked out enough to roll up your sleeves and focus on the details.

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More precisely: We are working on new tools and their expansion, as well as on boss fights and their structure. In the areas of "action production and map production" future designers of Final Fantasy 16 not only to profile, but also to contribute creatively. When looking for employees, the focus is on game content such as the world, cutscenes, animators and people who are familiar with VFX, i.e. visual effects. Sounds good for an early release that is not targeted until 2025+.

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