A resourceful YouTuber single-handedly solves one of the most annoying problems of the Nintendo Switch. All he needs for this is a piece of cardboard and a little tact.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been plaguing since its release an annoying problem. The construction of the Joy-Cons has some weaknesses that make the control with the controller spongy over time. Lots of Switch owners have already been confronted with this design flaw – one of them even went to court. A YouTuber has now solved this problem. With a piece of cardboard.

Repairing Switch Controllers with Cardboard – Really Now?

Yes, really now. Despite an official apology from Nintendo, the problem of the drifting Joy-Cons doesn’t seem to be going away. The solution is easier than you think. The YouTuber VK’s Channel imagine his unusual approach:

What does “Joy-Con-Drift” mean? With many Joy-Cons, a metal bracket that connects the joystick to the housing loosens over time. The wobbly seat causes errors in the motion detection of the controller. It can happen that the cursor or your character moves even though you are not touching the Joy-Con.

VK’s Channel noticed the Joy-Con drift by gently pressing the housing of the controller can be completely prevented. The resourceful YouTuber solves the problem by simply unscrewing the Joy-Con and attaching a small piece of cardboard under the loosely seated joystick.

His “repair kit” is only the size of a thumbnail and about a millimeter thick – but it works! He has already repaired two Joy-Cons in this way and no problems for several months can determine, so the YouTuber.

Will the same problem occur with the Switch OLED?

Nintendo is silent about the extent to which Joy-Con drifts should be prevented with the new Switch OLED. In its video, VK’s Channel gives the manufacturer some tips on how the problem could be avoided – namely with a single well-placed screw. What Nintendo will make of it remains to be seen.

If you don’t want to take apart your Switch controllers to fix a broken joystick, you can too Send in for repair free of charge. You can find out what you have to consider in our guide on this topic.

If you work independently on the controller, the guarantee claim can be lost.

Broken controllers have been an annoying problem since the Switch was released. Nobody would have suspected that the defect could be remedied so easily. Have you already had problems with drifting Joy-Cons? And do you think Nintendo can avoid the problem with the Switch OLED? Feel free to write us your opinion on Facebook!