Can't wait to hear The Last Of Us 2 play? Then exults, because if the official tests for The Last of Us 2 are still a (little) long time coming, a few first, bloody impressions can be shared since Monday.

EVERYONE LOVES THE LAST OF US 2! Correct? Or not? The Last of Us 2 crawls on muscular knees and hands in the release on June 19, 2020. Full game reviews may be released on June 12th, which also means one thing: testers from the video game press have been fighting with Ellie through zombies, dirty ruins and other life-threatening situations for a while.

Since Monday, some of them have put their heads out of the zombie hordes and are allowed to chat a little about it. Not over the entire game, but over a certain section of the game, some of which is already in the longer one Gameplay video from last week was shown. Not seen yet? Take a look inside:

The Last of Us 2 is so brutal that you might get sick

In several previews, journalists around the world have lost a few words about the upcoming blockbuster of Naughty Dog. No surprise is that all of them consistently positive fail. Aside from that damn good these first opinions will also tell us a few details about the game – we have some of them summarized here for you:

  • GamePro preview: "In The Last of Us 2, the survival factor comes first and thanks to many new moves, when fighting and sneaking, gives us the feeling that we are really struggling for our virtual (survival) life. And that alone makes the sequel much more varied than the often very monotonous first part. ”
  • PC Games preview: "We are excited. The graphics are terrific, the background music is fantastic. The staging is excellent, the action is damn intense and the atmosphere is incredibly dense. "
  • Preview of Eurogamer: “The Last of Us 2 is visually an unbelievable force, apparently draws all the right lessons from the first part, is apparently just as captivating in its systems as in its narrative and tonally presses a few very dark keys on the emotional keyboard . It is a game that is neither easy to experience nor to talk about, and in which you are to a certain extent responsible for yourself: you have to open yourself up to the horrors, make yourself vulnerable, let the things you see and happen sink and let them take effect. It is the kind of game for which the therapist basically recommends regular breaks for enjoyment and which you still want to continue playing without ceasing. We'll see how I end up getting it. But I'm really grateful that such a game can even exist today. ”
  • Preview of PushSquare: "The violence is staged with such honesty that you will feel uncomfortable – but that's exactly part of Naughty Dog's plan. Unfortunately, while we can't do that for now, we can say that this game is about hate and revenge; it's about obsession and how the cycle of violence destroys everything that gets in its way. ”
  • GameSpot preview: "Melee feels incredibly good, but it's hard not to shy away from hitting your machete in someone's shoulder, or ramming your knife into his head. It is satisfying to see how it deals its damage, and yet there is always a moment of shock when a head explodes after a rifle shot or when someone's skin melts away with a Molotov cocktail. And when you hear your opponents scream after you detonate their fighting dog, you won't be able to avoid feeling a bit bad. ”
  • Preview of Trusted Reviews: “The Last of Us 2 is a complete sequel in every way. It feels wonderful to play it, and it doubles those thematic elements that made the first part shine. Ellie is an impressive, nuanced protagonist who shows a lot more emotional depth than her black and white revenge story suggests. "

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The Last of Us 2: Everything about setting, story and characters

Two things are blatant with the different hands-on and preview articles: The Absence of negative aspects of the game and the Topic of violencethat is addressed again and again. The Last of Us 2 is supposed to be damn good, and damn violent – whereby the violence should be shown so openly and honestly that you will feel it on your body and maybe also in your stomach. Well, I'm really looking forward to it. The Last of Us 2 will be released on June 19, 2020.