Innocent players are banned because of hackers

Red Dead Online already offers a lot that is anything but legal in real life. Nevertheless, this is still not enough for some hackers. If you get caught, a Rockstar spell follows – which is annoying when it hits innocent players as well.

Cheats are there to make a game a little easier. This is a nice thing and so developers and publishers also provide opportunities that can be used without a guilty conscience. Red Dead Online also offers this option, but this is obviously not enough for a few players. Accordingly, hackers are regularly banned for using cheats such as god mode, teleportation or the like. Now it was also innocent,

So you can legally earn money.

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Inconspicuous treasure chests are doomed

The said hack is one Treasure Chest spawner, through which the players quickly get money. It first appeared on January 22, 2020 and is part of a mod menu from hacker zJanny. In the hacker forum, he warned potential users and was not sure himself whether the hack was found by Rockstar or not. Apparently it will, because it was some users banned,

However, it not only affected the users themselves, but also innocent players. They were unaware that the boxes were not part of the game and opened them unsuspectingly.

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Rockstar shows the cold shoulder

Rockstar is anything but helpful this time. Where the developer would otherwise compensate those affected with free items, is now kept silent, Numerous attempts to explain the innocent are ignored. A player reported IGN:

"Me and at least four others in the community reported that we were banned from rockstar and our characters were reset unjustifiably."

Did you stumble across such a box and be affected? What do you think of such hacks? Please write us your opinion in the comments.