Microsoft is constantly on the lookout for companies that are worth buying from. That was the case in the past – but once they were laughed at for the attempt.

Microsoft Xbox

Which companies did Microsoft want to buy?

According to a report on the site Bloomberg Microsoft has tried some of the biggest names in the game industry to buy. This included companies like EA, Square Enix and even Nintendo to develop exclusive titles for the original Xbox.

According to Bob McBreen, then director of business development, "the first company we approached was EA". This offer is said to have been answered with a short "No thanks", so Microsoft turned to the Japanese giant Nintendo – Microsoft has that probably regretted it in retrospect.

Microsoft had a good knack for the flight simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Standard | PC code "src ="

Microsoft Flight Simulator Standard | PC code

How did Nintendo react to the purchase attempt?

Kevin Bachus, Xbox's Director of Third Party Relations, chatted up close and personal, according to Bloomberg: “Steve got us to meet with Nintendo to find out how they would feel about a takeover. "Apparently, however, this conversation did not go so well:" They laughed each other out. Imagine someone just laughing at you for an hour. That's how the meeting went. "

While they did not seem to have been laughed at there, attempts to buy Square Enix and Midway were also remained unsuccessful. The offer was too low for Square Enix, while Midway was still working with Sony.

However, Microsoft did not go out completely empty. In the end, they decided on the Halo developer Bungie and thus created one of the most successful Xbox franchises in the past.

These goals are definitely worth it.

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What are Microsoft's plans for the future?

After the successful takeover of Mojang, Ninja Theory, inXile, Obsidian and other studios, and most recently Bethesda / ZeniMax in 2020, Microsoft is still looking for game developers. “We will always look for places where there is this commonality of purpose, mission and culture. We will always try to grow inorganically if it makes sense, ”said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in the interview.
Maybe Microsoft already has KFC in mind.

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