Insanely expensive Death Stranding jacket from Germany is already sold out

The German fashion label Acronym produces one of the most expensive merch clothing ever sold for a video game: a death stranding jacket that makes you look like a real porter. The jacket is only sold in Japan – at least until a few days ago, because it is already sold out.

Death stranding

It will actually protect you from rain – uh, normal rain – and it doesn't look bad either: The Death Stranding jacket from the German fashion label Acronym is a hit in Japan, although it does 200,000 yen costs. Converted that is a little more than 1700 euros. Oh yeah. For a jacket. A nice jacket!

In fact, the item of clothing, like the original from the game, shines with a certain minimalism that you can see in full splendor on the official site of Acronym marvel at. The Bridges jacket is only sold in Japan, at least until a few days ago: It is already sold out, despite the grandiose price.

A special Death Stranding jacket that was sold 20 years ago

Apart from a few changes, the jacket is a twenty-year-old model from Acronym: as noted in the description next to the product, it is a Milestone of the fashion label that has inspired all of the following models since 1999. Accordingly, it should not just Attract Death Stranding fans, although that will be a majority of buyers.

In addition to its typical practical design and dark blue color, the jacket is also included original bridges sign provided that clearly identify you as a porter and courier in the post apocalypse. A cool accessory, especially nowadays, if you ask me (but none that would be worth 1700 euros personally).

The game itself, i.e. Death Stranding, does not cost that much – in the PS Store you can currently get it for 69.99 euros. And it's worth it if you get goose bumps like me on the trailer:

The really interesting question is: How many of these jackets were there? Ten? Hundred? Thousand? Really have so many people from Japan like that spent a lot of money on a Death Stranding jacket? Fascinating.