Insider is certain: 3rd wave of pre-orders will start in October

from Andreas Bertits
When will we finally be able to pre-order copies of the Playstation 5 again? Insider Roberto Serrano insists that it should be ready soon.

Roberto Serrano recently stated that, according to him, the 3rd wave of pre-orders for the Playstation 5 should start around October 5th. He continues to hold on to it.

Will there be PS5 copies again soon?

The insider Roberto Serrano was just wrong with some of his previous statements. For example with the launch date of the PS5 (buy now ) and Xbox Series X. According to him, we should see another pre-order phase in early October. But so far nothing has happened. However, he said again on Twitter that a third wave should start very soon in October. He seems very convinced of it. This pre-order phase should apply worldwide.

But he also said that those who can tap this new contingent of the PS5 should not expect to get the console on November 19th. According to his information, the delivery will not take place until the end of December or even January 2021.

According to Roberto Serrano, those who were able to get a PS5 during the 2nd wave will not get their copy until the end of November or the beginning of December. Only those people who accessed the first pre-order phase can expect delivery on November 19th.

However, it must be said that Roberto Serrano's statements so far were often incorrect. Therefore, this new information should also be treated with caution.

It is therefore still said: Keep your eyes open and visit the shops of well-known dealers regularly. So check back here every now and then:

Source: Twitter

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