Two weeks ago that Wall Street Journal A Facebook internal study reveals the effects of Instagram on teenage girls. The data shows that 32% of young users who were dissatisfied with their bodies at some point felt even worse using Instagram. Facebook is said to have worked on the study for three years before it was published exclusively internally in March of last year.

In a Message Pratiti Raychoudhury (Vice President, Head of Research) of Facebook has now commented on the report of the Wall Street Journal. In it, the person responsible denies the allegations against Instagram and states that the app has more positive than negative effects on teenagers. Accordingly, the “body image” was the only area in which the negative feedback from the girls would have outweighed the positive. In the other eleven areas, users felt better after using Instagram.

However, Pratiti Raychoudhury ignored other issues mentioned in the Wall Street Journal report – including statements by teenagers that they were addicted to Instagram. Antigone Davis (Global Head of Safety at Facebook) will shortly have to comment on the allegations before the Senate in the USA. He would also like to talk about a planned children’s version of Instagram. More than 40% of all users of the platform are 22 years or younger. In the USA alone, around 22 million teenagers are said to log into Instagram every day.

Those: Facebook & Wall Street Journal

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