from Dominik Zwingmann
Those responsible for the Intellivision Amico have increased the number of pre-installed games by one. This means that six titles can now be played directly on the console at launch. In addition, VIP pre-orders for the system will start today at 7 p.m. This guarantees the delivery of the console for the release in October 2020.

Intellivision officials have announced that the Intellivision Amico will now be available with six pre-installed games on October 10, 2020. Previously, only five titles were planned for the new system. Appropriately, the makers gave a first look at the individual games in their message. We have prepared the overview for you below the message.

The sixth pre-installed game of the Intellivision Amico will be revealed in the next few months. Already in January we reported about the quick sale of the Founders Edition of the console. On Tuesday, those responsible will now start the next campaign for all those who want to guarantee the Intellivision Amico for release. From 7 p.m. players have the chance to secure their copy as part of the VIP pre-orders. A total of three colors are available.

These are 5 of the 6 preloaded games of the Intellivision Amico

  1. Intellivision Skiing – Watch out for trees, trunks, big cliff jumps, icy slopes, avalanches and of course the hidden Yeti !. Up to eight players can compete against each other at the best times on ten different slopes or up to four players can compete against each other in ski cross mode!
  2. Shark! Shark! – So much sea to explore! Play the elaborate reboot from Shark! Shark! on Amico in single player, co-op or versus mode. Everyone in the family will enjoy this game, no matter how old or how experienced they are with video games.
  3. Astrosmash – One of the first and most popular original Intellivision games! In the spectacular new Amico version, you can play together or against each other in Versus mode.
  4. Cornhole – The very first home console version of this increasingly popular sport makes perfect use of the motion control features and touchscreen integrated in every Amico controller! Hundreds of unlockable items and so many different challenges, skills, and opportunities to play with family and friends (or even single players if you want)
  5. Farkle – simply a unique experience! You can see, shake, and then throw dice on your controller when it's your turn! Classic family entertainment for up to 8 players with individual rules.

The new trailer also gives players a quick look at the preloaded games of the Intellivision Amico. Hans Ippisch (President of Intellivision Europe) also commented on the starting titles in a statement:

"Intellivision Amico will be the first console in history to be launched with pre-installed games from German studios worldwide. Together with NeoBird, Bonus Level Entertainment, Aesir Interactive and Spaceflower on the Amico games Cornhole, Shark! Shark !, Intellivision Skiing and Farkle working is a great job! "

Intellivision Amico: Trailer introduces the pre-installed titles of the console

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