Interesting character from the novels appears well

from Andreas Bertits
There is a reference to the upcoming Netflix series The Witcher, which indicates the appearance of a very specific character. This in turn suggests a very specific storyline from the Witcher novels.

Actress Viola Prettejohn plays a previously unknown role in the upcoming series The Witcher, But now it became known which part she took over.

Danger! Here follow spoilers!

Viola Prettejohn mentioned on her spotlight profile that she plays the role of "False Ciri". Anyone who knows the books of author Andrzej Sapkowski knows who the wrong ciri is. It is the daughter of a tailor who looks very much like the real Ciri. Through an intrigue she was presented to Emhyr var Emreis as the "real" Ciri. Emhyr then took her to the woman, who became the ruler of Cintra. Emhyr falls in love with the girl and does not break her as the intrigue flies.

The story is told in the novels "The Time of Contempt" and "Fire Baptism". So it seems that the first season of the Netflix series The Witcher focuses on the events in the second and third novel of the series. Presumably, we also get to see some of the first book "The Legacy of the Elves", as this novel is important for the background story of Ciri. Or the wrong Ciri appears only at the end of the first season and the story then unfolds over Season 2.

The Witcher launches on Netflix on December 20th.

Source: Redanian Intelligence

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