After the Iron Harvest 1920+ pre-season was announced last week, Deep Silver and KING Art Games are now loading all interested players for the open beta. The real-time strategy game will be released on September 1st for PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Store as well as in retail stores. The console versions will be released in spring 2021. Players can use Steam to dive deep into the fascinating 1920+ world and play the first single-player mission of the epic, interlocking storyline. The progress from the pre-season can be transferred to the full version on Steam.

Pre-season tournament:
King Art and Deep Silver host a joint event with the ESL
Iron harvest tournament. The final of the pre-season cup will be played during gamescom 2020. Prizes worth more than € 7000 are waiting for the players! The four winners of the qualification round, which begins on August 8, move to the final on the
digital gamescom.

– The schedule of the pre-season tournament:
• Qualifier 1: Saturday, August 8, 2020
• Qualifier 2: Saturday, August 15, 2020
• Qualifier 3: Sunday, August 16, 2020
• Qualifier 4: Saturday, August 22, 2020
• Finale: takes place between August 27th and 30th (tbd)
– Reward Season: Players who complete a number of challenges will receive in-game cosmetic items
– New quests and challenges will be unlocked over time. The progress can be taken over with the full version.
– Three playable factions: Rusviet, Saxony and Polania can be played in multiplayer. Skirmish and challenge cards are publicly playable for the first time.

Future Season Content:
Iron harvest (buy now for 79.99 €) 1920+ offers players a season system. Each season includes new content, such as new skirmish and challenge cards and special season events, for both single player and multiplayer. Players can climb the leaderboard in multiplayer and receive unique seasonal cosmetic items by completing special tasks and challenges.

None of the unlockable items will have a direct impact on balancing or gameplay. The achievements guaranteed a long-lasting RTS experience with constantly new challenges for true diesel punk strategists. Players who have purchased an Iron Harvest Standard Edition get free access to Season 1. Buyers of the Iron Harvest Deluxe Edition get free access to the first two seasons and a major add-on that has not yet been announced. Information about this will follow.

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