Investor examines class action lawsuit against CDPR

CD Projekt Red had certainly imagined the release of Cyberpunk 2077 differently. Although the PC version gets very high ratings and plays quite well, the versions for PS4 and Xbox One in particular cause headaches for gamers and the game studio. There is criticism. Sony has even taken the digital PS4 version out of its range. CD Projekt Red offers refunds. Now things could get even worse for the company.

Possible class action against CD Projekt Red

Mikołaj Orzechowski, lawyer from Warsaw and investor in CD Projekt Red game studio, announces that his law firm is currently investigating a class action lawsuit against the company. The reason given is "misrepresentation in order to achieve financial gain". The lawyer asks other investors to contact him. It is not yet clear whether there will really be a lawsuit and how many investors will participate. For now, it should only be checked whether a class action is possible.

CD Projekt Red now has a lot to make up for. First, Cyberpunk 2077 (buy now € 54.89 ) especially on PS4 and Xbox One in a playable state. There are still a lot of bugs to fix. In addition, the company has to show with the next project that it is again placing more value on a proper release of games. Another sword of Damocles hovers over all of this. Because the allegations of letting employees work in crunch times also weigh heavily on the company and the question arises: "Can it work without crunch?"


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