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Corona time is television time, at least domestic TV is hotly contested, if you can spend the quarantine with the better half. For me, an app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android mobile phone now provides a welcome ceasefire – let me tell you about it in the current weekend column.

Anyone who shares the TV in the good room with a friend knows the daily struggle for rights of use. Today you, tomorrow me. But what if the Xbox One X I just bought smiled so brightly and urged me to play a game? The purchase of a second TV is not a real option due to the limited space available, but what then? Looking for an open conflict? Not a good idea, after all, Corona forcibly welds us all closer together in the sign of social distance – at least if you live under one roof.

Xbox games on iPad, Mac and Android: This app helps in the TV war

Support for the peace negotiations now provides me with an app that I recently discovered in this context. If you use Windows 10, you can use your computer or tablet as a display for the Xbox – the content is streamed without further ado. Apple and Android users look into the tube. OneCast fixes this problem – even my old iPad Air 2 is still suitable as a "mobile Xbox". If I am within range of the console, I can even use the normal controller for control, alternatively also the virtual buttons on the display or any suitable game controller for iOS. The image quality is surprisingly good and crisp. In order for all of this to work properly, the Xbox One should be wired to the home network via Ethernet and WiFi in the 5 GHz range should be used.

But my five-year-old MacBook Pro also becomes an Xbox using the OneCast app. However, for better performance, I have to reduce the image quality, which then doesn't look as crisp on the larger display, but still works perfectly. The Xbox controller can also be connected to a Mac via USB or Bluetooth. And there is also an app for Android users, so these smartphones and tablets become a kind of second Xbox for your own home. Apropos: This would also be a restriction, because the games are not streamed over the Internet – but I can get over it because it is absolutely not necessary for me.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column wants to provide food for thought and reflect on the "news surge" of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

Costs something, can something …

But all of this is not free, but I think it is well laid out. The iPhone / iPad version wants to be paid with 12.99 euros, for Android 13.75 euros are due and for the Mac OneCast costs 22.93 euros – but can initially be tested free of charge for 14 days. The corresponding downloads can be found in the App Store and on the Side of the provider.

No longer fresh, but still up to date – the Xbox One X:

My summary: This way, the corona quarantine can also be endured on TV without the daily bickering – the television is finally pacified. Shooting and fighting is now only on the Xbox itself, no longer on the couch – what a luck in these difficult times.

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