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According to current reports, the design of the iPhone 12 will be based on the current iPad Pro and will therefore be much more angular. Most recently, the iPhone 5 had a similar design. Four models from the smartphone series are said to be available this year. Apple would also like to reduce the size of the notch at the top of the screen.

Almost half a year before the launch of the new iPhone generation, the first reports have appeared on the Internet, which will probably reveal the first details on the design of the iPhone 12. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 12 from Apple should be based on the look of the current iPad Pro. These include flat edges on the housing of the smartphone, as was last the case with the iPhone 5 in 2012. However, the screen should remain rounded. And the notch should also be adjusted.

Here Apple is said to have optimized the hardware for face recognition with Face ID in order to reduce the size of the notch. Apple is also currently examining whether the notch could also be removed completely in the future. There should be a total of four new iPhones this year. These include direct successors for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max as well as two new models that are to appear on the market as successors to the iPhone 11. As is currently the case, the Pro smartphones will again feature three cameras and the standard models two cameras on the back.

The 3-D LIDAR system is new here, which was also installed in the iPad Pro in March and brings improvements in the area of ​​augmented reality. There will also be a faster processor in the iPhone 12 series. The new iPhones are usually released in September. Because of the coronavirus pandemic and production restrictions in China, the insiders do not want to commit themselves. A spokeswoman for Apple did not comment on the reports at Bloomberg's request.

Source: Bloomberg

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