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Gaya Entertainment, Deep Silver and King Art have announced an interesting Collector's Edition for the strategy game Iron Harvest. It even contains an iron!

Do you plan to check out the RTS Iron harvest to buy and maybe you are a collector? Then you should be interested in the "Hot Iron" edition.

A very special edition

Collector's editions of games should always be something very special. They have to contain things that are cool and fit the game. The Iron Harvest Collector's Edition (buy now for 79.99 €) offers this special "something".

The content of the Iron Harvest 1920+ "Hot Iron" edition:

  • Iconic "Pkp 17 Eisenhans" figure
  • Game soundtrack on vinyl, written and arranged by the well-known video game composer Adam Skorupa in collaboration with "Music Imaginary" (The Witcher, Shadow Warrior)
  • Artbook artwork by the creator of the "1920 +" universe Jakub Rozalski
  • Steelbook
  • Double-sided poster with unique artwork
  • Decorative Iron Harvest iron (not recommended for use!)

Iron Harvest is also available in a collector's edition with an iron.

Iron Harvest is also available in a collector's edition with an iron.

Source: King Art Games

You can now download the Iron Harvest "Hot Iron" edition from the Game Legends's shop Pre-order for 199.99 euros. There you will find other products for the game. This includes:

  • Iron Harvest soundtrack on vinyl – strictly limited
  • Iron Harvest shirts for every faction
  • The regular collector's edition without an iron

Iron Harvest is an RTS that takes place in an unusual scenario. In the world of 1920+ there are steam-powered 'Mechs that are used in battles. The game itself is reminiscent of the game of the Company of Heroes series and offers you tactical battles embedded in an exciting story.

If you want to learn more about the strategy game Iron Harvest, you can download our new one Preview article read through. The game will be released on September 1, 2020.

Source: press release

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