Monday, September 27, 2021

Is a new Mario Party in the works?

Image source: Nintendo

Super Mario has been with us for decades and rumor has it that a new title is in development. It could even be a new "Mario Party" game from developer NDcube.

Nintendo Switch

What are the signs of a new game?

The success of the Mario Party games has so far been a roller coaster ride of emotions. While some parts didn't fare as well, the 2018 Super Mario Party game was a huge hit. The page DualShockers reported by over 12 million copies sold.

Nintendo has released some good games for the Switch.

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Apparently, developer NDcube now wants to build on the success. Twitter user NintendoMemo found a kind of job advertisement in a Japanese brochure by the developer. "Let's make a new game together," it says there. The team is apparently looking for new developers for the upcoming game, which is in the brochure in the form of a Nintendo Switch game is indicated.

NDcube is not a stranger

The NDcube development team has also been responsible for numerous games in the past. Fall under Wii party as well as the "Animal Crossing Pocket Camp" app. This experience could help create a game that will take fans by storm as it did with Super Mario Party.