Is Kojima Productions teasering a new Silent Hill?

of Andreas Bertits
In a tweet from Kojima Productions' Aki Saito, fans want to have found evidence that the studio could be working on a new Silent Hill. Is there anything there?

Hideo Kojima indicated a while ago that his studio wanted to develop the scariest game ever. Konami is also reportedly working with external developers to develop the Silent Hill– Revive game series. Do both companies work together?

Can Hideo Kojima develop a Silent Hill?

Aki Saito is responsible for communication at Kojima Productions and published a tweet in which he wrote the following: "I'm sorry to be so quiet. I've been very busy lately … I think I'll be able to do more soon reveal what we're going to do … "The picture shows Saito in his office.

Actually a normal tweet, or not? Players in this message claim to have found evidence that Kojima Productions is working on a game in the horror series Silent Hill. In the original it says in the tweet: "Sorry to be silent everyone!" Understand the word silent as a clue for Silent Hill. But that's not all. On his pen, which Saito is holding in the picture, is the word "pyramid". Is this a reference to "Pyramid Head" from the Silent Hill games?

Of course, this can only be wishful thinking of the fans. Does Hideo Kojima want to work with the company again after all the stress with Konami? Supposedly the parties but settled their dispute, We could learn more in the coming week, because if you zoom in on the block on which Aki Saito writes something in the tweet, there is "Next week!" to read. So it could be that in a few days we'll find out what Hideo Kojima is working on next. Maybe it's really a new Silent Hill …

Source: Resetera

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