Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, eas online trading card game by the California game manufacturer "Blizzard Entertainment" has been on the market for a proud six years. Six long years – in an industry whose half-life is roughly the length of a "Fallout 76" scandal, it's like an eternity. An eternity, replete with countless new expansions, cards and game mechanisms. Every now and then small adjustments to the ranking system. The battlefield – Hearthstone's glorious new game mode – was a bonus on top.

Now there is again a new expansion in the house: The "Ruins of Outland" – on board: the demon hunter. A new class, including an individual game mechanism (keyword: outsider), 20 new starter cards and one – hear and be amazed – 1-mana class ability. What's next? About the long-awaited rework of the priest class?

Yes. Yes indeed. My heart is humming the first line of the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Hearthstone's "Ruins of Outland" in the face-off test

The newest extension shows off innovations. But do all these changes also have the potential to take the meta-game into a new and unknown Hearthstone world? Will the classic card game feel really exciting, even new, for the first time?

Hearthstone: All you need to know about demon hunters

Or at the end of the day it turns out that this is anyway Well-tried in a new guise acts? Our play test should give you a first insight into the "Fun factor"of the new expansion.

New decks – where to get from?

I love Hearthstone pre-match tests. But what I don't love: make decks. That is one thing with creativity – because it exists in a wide variety of variations. In terms of Hearthstone, I'm – in good Austrian – a deck building- "Nackerpatzerl", because the numerous small but fine interaction possibilities just don't open up to me.

So I was actually very happy that on the evening of the play test, numerous deck suggestions were already haunting around community-driven Hearthstone forums. thanks to / r / competitiveHS subreddit, Hearthpwn such as Hearthston top decks you will find it very quickly – and in my case also happy.

Driven by the urge for something new, a few decks that I really wanted to try out stood out in my research. They all had one thing in common: in my 5-year-old Hearthstone (buy now for € 0.00)– I had never played them in this form:

I would now like to refer to you below Impressions, thoughts and opinions let me participate – and of course I'm happy about every discussion that results.

The demon hunter in the test

Illidan Stormrage – another iconic antagonist in Warcraft history is now entering the Hearthstone world. Illidan is not only the first demon hunter ever, but also the first new additional class in Blizzard's classic card game. The expectations are accordingly high – and the package is impressive.

20 new ones Starter cards, a new Heroic ability with reduced mana costs as well as an entirely individual one Game mechanics. The data sheet reads promising. A look at the class cards also makes you rejoice, because there are numerous interaction options with class fantasy: cards are drawn, servants are summoned and heroes are attacked. In the heat of the moment the onslaught (see Kayn Sunfury) close the sack and ignore mock servants. You realize: "Face is the place".

Demon Hunter Aggro Deck in "Ruins of Outland" - Kayn ignores the opponent's mock servants.

"Mockery? I don't care."

Source: Buffed

I find the reinterpretation of a well-known mechanism particularly exciting: Awaken sleeping servants. Until now, this was known from cards like "The darkness"which are inactive at the beginning and can become active during the game. Thanks"Maiev shadow song"this mechanics can now both friendly as well on hostile Servants are applied.

Especially with the further development of the well-known "Big Druid" and the possibly emerging "Book Volume Paladins" (see next chapter) the demon hunter may become the "Control Counter # 1"Mock servants have been the supposedly biggest challenge of aggressive decks in the past six years – and the demon hunter is now getting some new tools to work around these mechanisms.

The book band paladin in the test

The paladin. I associate strong emotions with the knight of light. He was the first class I reached Legend with. The first class in which I was able to achieve 500 victories. And the first class, which I hated from the bottom of my heart and full of conviction. Can you still remember the Christmas tree paladin? I agree. Because apart from the N'Zoth Paladin lists, my declared favorite class was mostly played aggressively. But that could change now.

In the course of my short play-test I am on an exciting control paladin list of the German Hearthstone Pro Alexander 'xBlaine' Kruse stumbled. The core of his deck are the book volumes – numerous spells that not only give the paladin a stronger board presence, but also Control and healing options open. This core of the package looks like this:

  • Aldor mate
    • Battlecry: Reduces the cost of your book volumes in this game by (1).

The big problem of previous Paladin control decks was simply that Generation of maps. There is no shortage of a "Ruins of Outland" paladin list, because thanks to two "Light-forged knight"as well as the new legendary card"Lady Liadrin"we still have enough power for control matchups in the game.

Paladin Heal deck in "Ruins of Outland" - strong mock servants in action.

"You won't get in here."

Source: Buffed

It is currently not clear to me whether Control-Paladin will become a top meta-deck at the end of the day. One thing I can assure you: thanks to the generation of numerous random cards and the never-ending healing and ridiculous possibilities, this paladin is a welcome change.

And the best thing about it: It's a lot of fun. And that's the most important thing at the end of the day, isn't it?

Short tests of other decks

As part of the intimacy around the upcoming release of the "Ruins of Outland" expansion, I was of course able to test other classes. Some are worth mentioning here Control warrior lists (which are as boring as ever), some classic Highlander hunter lists (with a combination of "Scrap slingshot"https://www.buffed.de/"Natural improvisation"https://www.buffed.de/"Hell Boar " + "Armored porcupine"could be expanded) as well Spell mage lists (which are 100 percent magic) mentioned.

In my opinion, this was particularly exciting Spell magician. This potentially emerging archetype generates thanks to "Born of power" such as "Learn draconian"Game board presence, thanks in part to the new legendary magic"Evocation"Numerous random spells are generated. Precisely because of the very high RNG factor, this deck also made me personally really fun and will probably be one of the decks that I will create at the beginning of the expansion.

Paul's conclusion after the "Ruins of Outland" intro test

Content has long been served in bites in Hearthstone. The dessert in the form of paid content could be safely left out. The price-performance ratio was – for me personally – simply not consistent. The highlight of the tragedy: Galakrond's awakening, which in my opinion was simply a "decoration of a 'card rental ceremony'".

Blizzard now has "Ruins of Outland" – to quote our dear Susanne – the revolution called out. One seems to have recognized the signs of the times. One does not seem to have been satisfied with the development. You seem to have remembered that you have to do more than serve the (willing?) Community appetizers.

With the upcoming expansion, the meta-game could now be back in its Foundations are shaken. The potential for this is there: we have an entirely new class, with exciting new ones Anti-control mechanisms comes up. We have a paladin style of play that may be emerging. We have a potentially emerging magician archetype. And, if not alluded to, we have a possible emerging demon hunter OTK archetype.

All in all, I had a lot of fun during the test and have been looking forward to a new Hearthstone expansion for a long time. In my opinion, the direction is right – and who knows? Maybe we are at the beginning of a new Hearthstone era.

how do you see it? Are you looking forward to the expansion? Or did you not (yet) be convinced by the previously shown? I'm looking forward for comments!

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