The past few weeks have certainly been anything but easy for the developer studio CD Projekt RED. It all started with the very bumpy launch of the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077. Although it had considerable sales figures, it got into negative headlines due to the enormous problems with the last-gen version. This was followed by disagreements with the return of disappointed fans, severe damage to the previously painstakingly built fame, as well as the drastic collapse of company shares and a related class action lawsuit by angry investors. CD Projekt RED may have made all of this a target for larger companies – at least in terms of a potential takeover.

This emerges from a current report by analysts at DFC Intelligence. It is primarily about the latest events around CD Projekt RED and their failure in connection with the release of CD Projekt RED. In one section it says:

"Unfortunately, CD Projekt's reputation has been damaged. The company is now a candidate for an acquisition. That was clearly the case when the marketing and publishing of a larger company would have worked wonders. Acquiring CD Projekt would be a risky one Affair. Although the share price has fallen, CD Projekt is roughly in line with ZeniMax or French publisher Ubisoft. There may still be some companies willing to take that risk. "

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The report does not reveal any specific names for the potential takeover of CD Projekt RED. In addition, this is just speculation by analysts and not a presentation of facts. Even if there were actually interested parties, it is completely open whether CD Projekt would even be willing to sell. It is clear that such a deal would by no means be cheap and that a corresponding amount of capital would have to be available. Very few companies in the industry could afford that.

Source: DFC Intelligence

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Analysts see CD Projekt RED as a candidate for a possible takeover. (2) (Source: CD Projekt Red)

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