Is the light in WoW evil? And which pact is the right one?

MMORE issue 152 (10/2020) is completely and perfectly fried, And that's why we are pleased that you can find issue 152 of the MMORE in stores from September 16, 2020 – look out for the issue with a wonderful night time on the title page! Our dear subscribers will of course find the MMORE 152 in their mailbox a few days earlier! This time we are devoting ourselves several times to the WoW: Shadowlands pacts, undoubtedly the biggest feature of the entire expansion, which you can play from October 27, 2020. In the class guides, our authors focus on compact skills and make a guess as to which one might best suit you and your style of play. We also introduce you to the pact events that you will definitely dedicate to in-game for a few weeks.

But apart from that, we also have many exciting topics for you! For example, we ask ourselves the interesting question of whether hardcore modes for WoW Classic wouldn't be pretty cool. We introduce you to players who have achieved incredible things in WoW. And then we'll take those of you by the hand who want to dare to heal for the first time (or again after a long break) in the WoW group content, in our great healer guide! This and many other interesting topics are only available in the MMORE!

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Some highlights of the MMORE 10/2020

Some highlights of the MMORE 10/2020 (source: buffed)

Our message from the editorial team: Real News !!!
From the direction of the WoW developers, the official release date for Shadowlands, which has finally been communicated, is probably one of the best news of the year for MMO fans. There were already fears that the publication of the expansion could be postponed until 2021 due to the circumstances of the current "disaster year". Well, starting October 27 at 00:01 a.m., your heroes are allowed to travel to the Shadowlands and no one can stop them. So … apart from maybe server lags, bottleneck quests and similar stumbling blocks that could affect your gaming experience. We knock on wood and keep our fingers crossed that the start of the eighth expansion goes off fairly smoothly! You can find out what to expect with the pre-patch that we expect to appear on the live servers around the end of September in our short preview. That being said, the pacts in this issue are our big Shadowlands topic. Not only did we play the very different pact events to tell you what to expect, we also took a careful look at the pact skills for each class. But please consider at this point that the entire system is still being tested in beta and that no values ​​such as functions are final!

The end of an era
When Shadowlands is finally here, you'll have been grappling with the content offered by Battle for Azeroth for a full 26 months. You were happy, you suffered, you got angry and you made up again. 26 months is a long time, and that makes Battle for Azeroth the WoW expansion that has been played the longest. With around 25 months, she places Mists of Pandaria in second place. But: How did you like the adventure on Kul Tiras and Zandalar? People often tend to complain loudly about grievances instead of (just as loudly) to be happy about positive things and events. And there has been a lot of malice and ridicule about Battle for Azeroth in the past, so that one could get the impression that this expansion would be even less popular than Warlords of Draenor and Cataclysm combined. But … do you even agree? Or did you like it a lot? You know it: There are often few loud voices on the Internet on a topic that tend to drown the opinion of the silent majority in a cacophony of dissatisfaction. We want your unvarnished and blunt opinion on Battle for Azeroth! Feel free to use the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] to send us an email with your opinion on this topic – and of course on everyone else too!

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