Final Fantasy XIV or Black Desert and The Elder Scrolls Online have impressively demonstrated in the past how well large MMORPGs work on consoles. The developers at Blizzard, however, never had the ambition to make the world of WoW accessible to Playstation and Xbox players.

Although it always happened in the past there were rumors about it againpartly made by Blizzard the integration of controller control were fueled by themselves, World of Warcraft is still only reserved for PC gamers.

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WoW for the Xbox?

That could change soon, however. Because again indications have surfaced that we will soon be able to enjoy the world of Azeroth from the couch via the console. In the course of the upcoming Game Awards, Microsoft has revised the Xbox site in some places, which is not unusual in principle. However, there were some references in the source code of the new page, which of course were direct discussed in different threads.

WoW: Is the MMO coming for the Xbox?  Note appeared in the source code (2)

WoW: Is the MMO coming for the Xbox? Note appeared in the source code (2)

Those: Resetera

Because under the date of December 9th, 2021, the day on which the Game Awards are celebrated and traditionally some announcements are made, there is suddenly an entry with the name “WorldofWarcraftCompleteEdition”. Is the announcement of such a version for that Xbox being made here? Many consider this to be entirely possible.

Incidentally, this is not the first time WoW has been associated with the Xbox. Last year WoW: Shadowlands was classified on a Brazilian site for having a youth rating for the Xbox.

New players thanks to the console?

WoW (buy now 14,99 €) has lost more and more players in the past few years, which is no secret. It’s no longer a secret that MMOs can work well on the console. Add to this the fact that, according to the developers, everything is now being questioned that was previously considered inviolable, then it would only be logical if the developers jumped over their shadows and brought out WoW for the consoles.

That would appeal to a huge number of potential new players – and thus of course also subscribers. And the Blizzard developers have already learned and implemented how consoles work with Overwatch and Diablo.

WoW im Game Pass?

Another possibility is of course that Blizzard wants to integrate WoW into the Xbox Game Pass. A port on the consoles would be useful for this, but not absolutely necessary. This would also address a lot of new players and generate additional income.

That would probably also be a profitable business for Microsoft, because offering a WoW and WoW Classic via Game Pass should bring some new subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass.

Or is it complete nonsense?

As with all rumors, you have to be very careful here too. In theory, not even the excerpt of the source code has to be correct, since in practice anyone could write something like this themselves.

It also looks strange if Microsoft and Blizzard announced a collaboration, just a few days after Microsoft boss Phil Spencer met Activision boss Bobby Kotick criticized harshly.

But even if the rumor doesn’t come true – what would you think of a WoW port for the Xbox or a inclusion in the Game Pass? Do you think that would be a good step for the future of WoW or another coffin nail for the MMO?

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Those: resetera (via Gamepro)

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