Even before the release, Microsoft is making its own console look old. Should you still pre-order them?

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X could go out of style shortly after its release. Microsoft is to blame for this – the Xbox Series S seems much more affordable than its big brother. Then why did she become announced so early?

It can go that fast – the Series S looks really tempting:

Xbox boss is convinced – the Series S will be a blockbuster

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is certain: Microsoft's new consoles will go away like hotcakes. At least that's what he meant in an interview with the magazine Kotaku:

"I think we'll sell every console of both types that we can supply."

He is also certain that the Series S will be sold much more frequently in the long term. The strategy behind it: Very few users will two consoles for just under 500 euros can afford or want to. So if you get a Playstation 5, you might be able to use the significantly cheaper Xbox Series S to ogle. The console's lower graphics performance doesn't seem to be that important to users. However, Phil Spencer also thinks technologies like 8K and ray tracing are pointless.

These are the games you can look forward to with the launch of the new Xbox:

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Will the Xbox Series S beat all other consoles?

According to our colleague Robert, definitely – at least what that Price-performance ratio concerns. Perhaps announcing the Series S shortly after the Series X wasn't the smartest move. The slimmer version of Microsoft's flagship console could be sold much more often. After all, it is available with a current purchase price of 299 euros or less a mere 200 euros cheaper than the Series X or the PS5. However, the lower performance is a major shortcoming that could deter many potential buyers.

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