The Nintendo Switch has sold almost 90 million times since its release. Nevertheless, a new trend analysis assumes that the popularity of the handheld console has passed its zenith. But, is this really the truth? GIGA took a closer look at the numbers.

Nintendo Switch

Idealo statistics show: interest in Nintendo Switch is falling sharply

In the last few weeks Nintendo has been able to post numerous success reports thanks to the Switch. The handheld console has been selling surprisingly well lately and breaking some records. But is this success permanent? According to statistics, the demand for the normal Nintendo Switch has increased decreased sharply in the past three months (Source: Idealo press release). The price has also gone down in the last few weeks.

What also emerges from the message from Idealo: Interest in the lite version of the Nintendo Switch has remained consistently low over the past year and a half. Only a few users of the price comparison portal seem to find out about the price development of the compact handheld console.

Also evident in the statistics: Nintendo was able to benefit particularly from the first corona lockdown last year. Interest in the Switch exploded during this period – which led, among other things, to strange stories. However, the number of search queries has plummeted since April 2021. By July 2021, interest had dropped by an impressive 93 percent.

Is the OLED switch to blame for the falling demand of the normal switch? In the video we explain to you what Nintendo has changed in the new model:

That is far from the end of the switch

Although interest in the Nintendo Switch has plummeted among Idealo users in recent months, Nintendo doesn’t have to worry about that for a long time. After all, Idealo is not primarily a shopping, but a price comparison portal.

So what can really be deduced from the numbers: Fewer and fewer people take a look at the price history of the handheld console or compare prices. This can have many causes. People might simply be more inclined to make spontaneous purchases right now. Or they are now so familiar with the price of the handheld console that a look at the price trend is virtually superfluous for them.

While the Switch is a box office hit, it’s not yet Nintendo’s biggest bestseller:

Another cause for the drop in search queries could also be the normal switch be the introduction of the new OLED switchwhich will be released in October. So why find out about the price of the old console when the new one is already around the corner? The fact is: The Nintendo Switch remains a real bestseller console – even if the demand on the price comparison portal is currently falling sharply.