The hit game Phasmophobia recently received its latest update and you might come across a character in the future who looks very familiar to you.


What is the game Phasmophobia?

The indie game Phasmophobia was apparently exactly what the players were waiting for, as the indie developer can look forward to a huge success.

By doing Co-op horror game you seek out and investigate paranormal activity and it is up to you to use the ghost hunting equipment available to you to find out what type of ghost you are facing. Whether you leave the scene alive depends on a little skill, team play and plenty of luck.

Which ghost types have you already met?

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Phasmophobia: All ghost types – Yurai, Wraith, and others

Phasmophobia meets Breaking Bad?

Kinetic Games has not only introduced numerous repairs and improvements with the new update, it seems there are too a reference to the hit series Breaking Bad. Much will not be revealed, however, wrote Kinetic Game on the official Twitter account:

"If I told you about the new additions, would it be just as scary?"

"I will reveal that there is a new potential ghost name. He's the one who knocks!"

If you know the series, the phrase will sound familiar. It could be based on an iconic passage where Walter White tells his wife that he is not in danger. He sees himself as a danger to others because he is the one who knocks!

It is not yet known whether Kinetic Games actually managed to get the trademark rights and to what extent Breaking Bad really plays a role in the horror game. If you have already gained experience, please write us in the Facebook comments.

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