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Venture Beat's Jeff Grubb blew up a small bomb yesterday, May 6th. In his report on the EA annual report for the first quarter of 2020, the editor ultimately claimed without further evidence that a remastered version of the mass effect trilogy will appear by March 2021. Grubb then repeated his supposed inside information on Twitter.

In our Summary of Electronic Arts' first quarter 2020 report we reported that the publisher plans to release at least 14 games in the next eleven months. A whole series of projects are already clear: there will be new parts of the FIFA, Madden and NHL series, the new edition of Command & Conquer, the switch port of Burnout Paradise Remastered and a VR offshoot of Medal of Honor. However, two new, previously unannounced mobile titles and four productions from the EA Partners program are also planned.

In the report, those responsible at EA also spoke of an HD reissue of an EA game, and this is where Jeff Grubb, editor of Venture Beat, comes into play. Grubb also wrote an article on the EA financial report yesterday and ended his news with the two sentences: "Oh, and the HD remake of an EA game is the Mass Effect trilogy, by the way. But don't expect the remake to appear on the switch – at least not at the beginning."

The editor has kept a secret of where Jeff Grubb wants this information from. However, he appears to be pretty sure. After all, he repeated his statement later on Twitter:

Since Jeff Grubb has proven several times in the past that he is well networked in the industry and a reliable source of inside information, we consider this claim to be probable. Especially since there are quite a few fans of the sci-fi epic who are up for such a new edition.

Until there is something official about it, do we want to know from you whether you would also like to have a new HD edition of the Mass Effect trilogy? Let us know in the comments!

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