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The data miners made an exciting discovery on the PTR of WoW patch 9.1: a Doomhawk mount and other loot that can drop from the world boss Doomwalker. Also included: the weapons from Akama.

As is well known, the launch of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic is on the program this year and it seems that the Blizzard developers want to celebrate this fact at this year’s 17th WoW anniversary in November.

Dataminers have found loot on the PTR of WoW Patch 9.1 that is related to that anniversary and exudes a lot of TBC flair (via Wowhead). They can from the TBC world boss Doomwalker drop, who made the Shadowmoon Valley unsafe at the time and is apparently supposed to return as an event opponent in the Caves of Time.

And what exactly does it drop? Well, for example the mount Illidari Doomhawk:

WoW: Apparently the Mount Illidari Doomhawk can drop in the course of Doomwalker's 17th anniversary.

WoW: Apparently the Mount Illidari Doomhawk can drop in the course of Doomwalker’s 17th anniversary.

What: Wowhead

Or Akama’s Edgewho have favourited Axes of Akamawho stood by us in The Burning Crusade in the Black Temple (and we him).

WoW: & nbsp; Akama's Edge & nbsp; - these axes belong to Akama (and maybe soon to us too).

WoW: Akama’s Edge – these axes belong to Akama (and maybe soon also to us).

What: Wowhead

And here is the rest of the loot from the Doomwalker:

What do you think of the possible loot from the 17th WoW anniversary? Cool stuff or rather mow?

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