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Several Overwatch players have announced their departure from the shooter to spend more time with Valorant from Riot Games in the future. The title started in closed beta this week and has already attracted millions of viewers on Twitch. Recently Overwatch was criticized mainly because of the balancing.

This week, Valorant's Closed Beta has started. The shooter from the League of Legends makers at Riot Games can certainly be described as a mixture of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. Now it looks like numerous Overwatch pros will turn their backs on Blizzards Shooter to switch to Valorant. Numerous announcements have been made on Twitter these days, as a picture of user "@EskayOW" shows.

Even current professional players from the Overwatch League are among the dropouts. These include eMil (Gladiators Legion), George Gushcha (Paris Eternal) and Taimou of Dallas Fuel. In addition, various content creators from the Overwatch area have announced a break or even their farewell. These include Soar Kayjii or TSM Gale.

Over the past few weeks, Blizzard Entertainment has consistently introduced new changes to the competitive game of Overwatch. Recently, bans were introduced, among other things, to keep the meta fresh every week. Above all, the balancing of the team shooter was always a criticism of the players. It was only in November 2019 that Blizzard announced Overwatch 2, a successor.

Even if Valorant offers numerous elements from CS: GO and Overwatch, the shooter will probably be assigned to the Valve title. Riot Games plans to release the game later this year. The closed beta will gradually be opened to other players and regions in the coming weeks.

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