The MMORE 160 – or PC Games MMORE 06/2021 – has been put together by us, and we are proud to tell you that you can find the magazine in your trusted magazine trade from May 19, 2021. Or as a loyal subscriber a few days earlier in your trusted mailbox;) This time we take a more comprehensive look at the great content of WoW Patch 9.1, at least at those that could be tried out until May 6, 2021. These include Korthia and the campaign story as well as Torghast. We’ll also tell you the best pact pets without having to belong to a pact. We explain to you how you gamble WoW with two or more screens. And how freshly boosted WoW heroes come together in Burning Crusade Classic. Of course that is garnished by all sorts of other interesting articles! Check it out!

One more note on our own behalf: The news from the editorial team is 90 percent outdated this time. Nobody could have guessed that Burning Crusade Classic would be announced just one day after it was printed OO

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Some highlights of the MMORE 06/2021

MMORE 06/2021: Is WoW Patch 9.1 the penultimate Shadowlands patch? [Quelle: buffed]

Our message from the editorial team: The pig in a poke?
There are two big issues that concern the WoW community. Firstly: When will Patch 9.1 be released? And on the other hand: When will Burning Crusade Classic be released? There are no statements from the developers on the first topic. Allegedly, the patch for the “modern” WoW – as Shadowlands is now called by the makers – will not be released at the same time as BCC. And that’s where numero due comes into play. Because a leak in the launcher has indicated that Burning Crusade Classic should start on June 1, 2021. The graphic that betrayed this has since disappeared, of course. But dear developers: The Internet does not forget! Even at the time of this issue of the MMORE, such a start is already tight, especially if it has not even been announced. Because the Classic servers also need a pre-patch. Voices from the community are already rising that the timing for a BCC release at the beginning of June will be quite unfavorable. And that only gets worse the longer those responsible at Blizzard delay an official message. Why, dear developers, don’t just do the following: instead of covering up the fact that you made a faux pas, please communicate openly with the players. So that they know what to expect and can prepare for it accordingly. The worst scenario would be if the pre-patch for BCC simply hits the servers in a night and fog action and it says “Yeah, the expansion release will be in two weeks”.

Nuclear fission?
Even with the Shadowlands release, the players felt trodden on the tie when the release of the longed-for expansion was postponed to an unknown date at very short notice. And then, when many WoW fans have already submitted their vacation in joyful anticipation and have refreshed their subscription. What the developers also have to keep in mind, despite all economic interests, is that they are driving the division of the fan base. The Live Community, the BCC Community and the Classic Community will be available shortly. How, for heaven’s sake and with the six, do the fans of all WoW versions still manage to keep track of things? If you already have a plan on how not to lose your mind in the chaos, send us an email to or! And you can also send us a message with criticism or ideas for articles. This is how, for example, the panorama article in this issue was created, which revolves around playing WoW on multiple screens.

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