Is your PS5 bad? You can do this if you have problems with the console

The PS5 has been available in stores worldwide for a few days. Even if many fans have not yet had a chance to buy a PS5, the reviews for the console from the happy owners are consistently positive. Here and there the PS5 still struggles with a few problems, but they can often be fixed with a quick fix. We have collected the current difficulties for you and the corresponding proposed solutions.

PS5 crashes when going into sleep mode

Among other things, there have recently been reports that the PS5 unexpectedly crashes when switching to sleep mode. Until Sony takes care of the problem with an update, players have the option of deactivating sleep mode in the console's settings. In this way you can protect yourself from a crash.

PS5 download in waiting list does not work

In rare cases, PS5 users have recently had problems with the download queue. If this problem occurs, your game is in the list, but the title is neither downloaded nor can the download be canceled. If restarting the PS5 does not bring any improvements, only a factory reset is currently a safe solution. From our own experience, we can tell you that some reboots and logging in and out of PSN made it possible to download some titles. Only the PS5 version of Mortal Kombat and the download of Demon's Souls still bothered – but they also downloaded at some point.

PS5 and PS4 – data transfer

Another problem currently occurs occasionally when transferring your data from a PS4 to the PS5 (buy now ) on. When transferring data via LAN cable, there should be extremely long waiting times or even crashes. For this reason, a Wi-Fi transmission of the data is currently recommended. But the same applies here: The more data you want to transfer, the longer the copying process will take. When we wanted to transfer our fully packed PS4 completely via WiFi, the menu showed us a "slim" waiting time of 120 minutes. So if you want to get started right away with your new PS5, you'd better postpone the copying process to a time when you don't want to play.

PS5 – wrong version on CrossGen

Recently we also got over Cross-gen games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War reported that the PS5 version, rather than the PS5 version, started. However, this problem can be resolved in just a few steps. You can find the option to change the version directly on the tile in the settings.

It has not yet been determined whether a contingent of the PS5 will be available from one of the well-known online retailers this year. We will keep you up to date.

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