Luck rarely comes alone, because after the cracker GTA 5, the Epic Games Store gives away the next game. This time it becomes strategic with Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 and that is also quite impressive.

It was only recently calculated how much money Epic Games has given away with free games so far. The company already has a decent sum per capita and after this week it will be significantly higher.

By giving away the AAA game GTA 5, Epic Games has probably made some new friends, although this has often led to breakdowns, both on the shop side and in the game itself. But the new free game is also impressive. It is the popular strategy game Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, which is normally listed for 59.99 euros.

The offer ends on May 28, 2020 at 5 p.m.. If you add it to your library in time, it will be yours forever.

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GTA 5 free in the Epic Games Store – unfortunately also with a large portion of hackers

The problem of hoes and modders has always been present in GTA Online, but has literally exploded due to the free availability in the Epic Games Store.

Until May 21, 2020 there is GTA 5 and thus also the online mode free of charge in the Epic Games Store. Players who have missed GTA 5 so far, and there seem to be a surprising number of them, can now play the game. It's easier than ever to create an account for GTA Online, which has led to a flood of hackers and modders who are now terrorizing the lobbies.

Since bans are not a major threat at the moment, the modders make life hell for the other players and, for example, put such monstrosities into play:

The good news: The spook is over when the action in the Epic Games Store is over and Rockstar has finally cleaned up. Maybe new players stick to single player mode for a few days and then try the online experience, because it is pretty wild right now.

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GTA 5 free in the Epic Games Store now also lets GTA 5 Online collapse

It is extremely surprising how many players have actually been waiting for them to buy and test GTA 5 for free: since the Rockstar blockbuster has been offered for nothing in the store again and again, not only has Epic been battling with breakdowns, but also the GTA 5 online servers fail. Yikes

Until May 21 you still can GTA 5 free in the Epic Games Store pick up, only requirement: You use the Epic Launcher to play. The offer is said to be late last week, with a rat tail of chaos following the release. First of all, it has Killed Epic Games Store itselfbecause the rush to the side was too big. And while this problem has been fixed, they are moaning now GTA 5 online server Painful on: Too many people suddenly want to play. Why is that?

"Because of extremely high number of players Rockstar Games Service access issues, including the Rockstar Games Launchers and GTA 5 for the PC. We are actively working on the problems and will let you know as soon as something changes. "

That's the evidence: Nobody around the world – not even Rockstar – expected that many people would play GTA 5 if it was offered for free. It is a mystery; and I'm very excited to see what happens if RPGs like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim are free. Who on earth has not bought these games yet?

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GTA 5 free in the Epic Games Store collapses the page

What's wrong with you? GTA 5 is a seven year old game that has been offered so often in different sales that you could have got it somewhere for a kebab. Well, for that Equivalent to a kebab. Did you really all wait until it was thrown over the counter for free? Ta.

Apparently yes, because after GTA 5 went online as a gift last night, players worldwide stormed the shop and killed it. Developer Epic Games apologized on Twitter, and was showered with thanks:

Yes, you can rest easy – that Epic Games Store is back online: Here you come to free premium edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 in the store, only one registration is necessary so that you can become a car thief who disregards traffic rules. The offer is valid until May 21, and please don't crash the page again.

By the way, that's still waiting soon-free mystery game, this today Revealed at 5 p.m. becomes. Well there are some rumors that point to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, that would be quite strange, after all, The Witcher 3 was never free on GOG, and GOG belongs to the same developer. We will see it as often.

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Watch out, GTA 5 could soon be free in the Epic Games Store

The last time all over one secret offer in the Epic Games Store have spoken, it was about six Batman gamesthat could be downloaded for free for a while. Epic Games is no slouch when it comes to its gifts to players; but GTA 5? On the Home of the shop you’re currently seeing a “mystery game” that will be revealed in a few hours and will be available for free.

Now several users want to Reddit as well as an advertisement for Twitter GTA 5 have seen this free in the Epic Games Store is offered. It looks pretty real:

The original Twitter post was deleted, welcome to the rumor mill.

However, GTA 5 in the free Epic surprise bag would not be unrealistic. For one thing, as we all know, the game is already six years old; and I would assume that most interested players have bought it by now. We'll see, right?

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If all of this isn't just a damn well-made fake, you can get GTA 5 today 5 p.m. in the Epic Games Store free download for PC. The offer should be made by May 21 be valid. As another Reddit post notes, something strange is going on with The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition in the Epic Games Store: As of this writing, the game page is currently unavailable. So – would that be a contender for the secret, free game? Maybe both! Oh.