It takes players over 60 hours to catch a single Pokémon

Of course, it was not about any Pokémon. Players like to make their own rules to make games more interesting for themselves. This one has already developed a little obsession.

To be honest, Pokémon Sword & Shield is not even one of the heaviest among the Pokémon games, and that's what Pokémon's name implies. Nevertheless, the games are extremely obese and ambitious players always find ways to make Pokémon titles a real challenge.

Reddit user theboyzz0111 apparently likes to test his patience and stamina. He starts (if possible) every Pokémon game with a Shiny as a Starter Pokémon. As a reminder: Chances are 1 to 4096 of one. But since theboyzz0111 wants a Shiny starter, he farmed it on Route 1, the first area in the game where he can find one.

Until he found a Shiny-Wolly, it took 6,000 encounters with other Pokémon and a total of 67 hours. His previously used team of six levels 30 to 40 Pokémon then landed on the bench. In the meantime he could have played through the game, but for him it only started with the Shiny-Wolly.

His reddit post By now he seems to have come to the 4th arena and to have a lot of fun with the game. His invested 67 hours seem to have paid off for him.

Luckily he's not looking for a Square Shinys starter – that could take much longer.

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There are habits that we, as players, find it difficult to discard. For example, in strategy game campaigns, I always have to have the most advanced base, explore all the technologies / upgrades, and have an army at the unit maximum, then simply roll over the AI ​​without losing a unit. What do you have for "strange" habits that have to live out within games?