Up until now, it has been relatively easy on Steam to buy games in other regions for a cheaper price. But Valve was obviously a thorn in the side. As a consequence, there is now a change in Steam that does not prevent this “region shopping”, but definitely makes it more difficult or restricts it.

In the meantime, it is only possible to change the region in the Steam account once within a period of three months. This option was available to you more often before. This change should definitely make life more difficult for those who have done “region shopping” particularly intensively. For a majority of Steam users, however, it shouldn’t be a change with all that big of an impact. Or have you actually changed the region in your Steam account more than four times a year? Let us know in the comments.

Incidentally, this is not Valve’s first step in the fight against excessive “region shoppers”. Just last year, the team made some changes to make VPNs more difficult to use. Using this method, it was relatively easy to trick Steam into thinking that it was logging in from a region other than the actual region. Afterwards, users could access offers from other countries that would otherwise have been denied them. Since there are sometimes large price fluctuations for the games between the individual regions, this effort has been well worth it for many users.

Those: Steamdb.com

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