If you have reached level 60 in WoW: Shadowlands, then your equipment level is around item level 140 – a little bit little for the rendezvous with the vampires in the Nathria Castle raid, which opens its portals on December 9, 2020. For Nathria, you want to achieve an average equipment level of 170 to 180. There are a few options available to you that even pure dungeon-goers or PvP followers should not ignore. And if you don't want to take your gold wealth to the auction house to slam horrific sums on the counter for epic world drops.

We give you a brief overview of how you can equip yourself as a casual for Nathria – and also afterwards, if you want to pull up twinks or have only started later in the Shadowlands. The following is important for almost every clothing shopping tour: Mind your level of fame in your pact because this gated almost all traders and also rewards through world quests. We also ignored Legendarys, which probably everyone has on their list anyway. Just a brief overview of the soul ash required for the different item level legendarys:

  • A Legendary with item level 190 costs 1,250 soul ash
  • A Legendary with item level 210 costs 2,000 soul ash
  • A Legendary with item level 225 costs 3,200 soul ash
  • A Legendary with item level 235 costs 5,150 soul ash

By the way, our class authors recommend the following legendary effects first!

  • Demon Hunter: Collective Torment (Desolation), Fiery Soul (Vengeance)
  • Druid: Balance of all things (equilibrium), cat-eye curiosity (ferocity), will of natural order (guardian), memory of the mother tree (restoration)
  • Sorcerer: Embers of Azj'Aqir (Destruction), Malevolent Wrath (Affliction), Burning Core of Spider Menace (Demonology)
  • Hunter: Piercing Catches of the Rylak Hunter (Beast Mastery), Deception of the Serpent Stalker (Marksmanship), Confusing Thrusts of the Rylak Hunter (Survival)
  • Warrior: Death Maker (Furor), The Wall (Protection), Signet of the Tormented Kings (Arms)
  • Magician: Arcane Harmony (Arcane), Firestorm (Fire), Slippery Ice (Frost)
  • Monk: Xuen's Treasure (Windrunner), Tear of the Morning (Mistweaver), Heavenly Infusion (Brewmaster)
  • Paladin: Sunwell Inflorescence (Holy), The Magistrate's Judgment (Protection), The Mad Paragon (Retribution)
  • Priest: Eternal Invocation (Shadow), Harmonious Apparatus (Holy), Twins of the Sun Priestess (Discipline)
  • Shaman: Windspeaker Lava Return (Elemental), Winds of Fate (Reinforcement), Primeval Flood Core (Restoration)
  • Villain: Akaari's soul fragment (deception), insignia of Zoldyck (assassination), speed (lawlessness)
  • Death knight: Frenzied Monstrosity (Unholy), Koltira's Favor (Frost), Bryndaor's Power (Blood)


Sure, the classic variant for most WoW players is to equip themselves through instances. Heroic dungeons offer an item level of 171, mythical dungeons a level of 184. Keep that in mind for weapons and jewelry that you do not get in all the ways that we present here. If you have a well-rehearsed group available, running through eight Mythic instances is no problem. Remember that you only get loot once a week per dungeon. You can play the heroic queue as often as you like in order to fill armor slots with items at level 171. With the start of Season 1 of Shadowlands, there will also be Mythic + with better rewards – but that's not the point of the article that deals with the time before Nathria and therefore also before Season 1.

The conflict traders stand by the side of the Oribos enclave.

The conflict traders stand by the side of the Oribos enclave.

Source: Buffed


In Oribos in the room to the right of the enclave you will find the PvP traders who sell items in exchange for honor. For the daily random battlefield (300 honor), the daily random epic battlefield (450 honor) and skirmish (160 honor) or brawl (300 honor) you will receive the points you need for shopping. Most PvP items cost you at rank 1 with item level 158 700 honor (belt, bracers, shoulder pieces, gloves, boots). Rings, capes and the like are a bit cheaper at 525 honor, helmets, chest armor, trousers and weapons are about more expensive (from 875 honor for armor to 1,750 honor for two-handed weapons). The upgrade of the 700 armor to level 2 costs 400 honor, the upgrade to level 3 requires another 500 honor from you for an item at level 171.

Until the start of Nathria, you can close some equipment gaps – but of course not equip your entire character with items at level 171. You must also continue to advance your level of fame in your pact. Therefore, choose exactly which pieces of armor are most likely to help you. The PvP armor also offers a total of seven ranks and is also capped at item level 190 in the first Shadowlands phase.

By the way: If you want to go shopping for conquest points later, you can treat yourself to clothes with item level 200 in a similar price range. However, this cannot be upgraded at the current time.


You can use the craft to create sets with which you can equip your hero a little in the early days of Shadowlands. However, this armor can only be brought to level 2 with an item level of 168. This is under the items from heroic dungeons. Should you be able to fill a gap or two on manufactured goods, then of course do that.

World quests

World quests work as usual, but there is a small reward twist. The item levels of the items that you receive through the world quests are based on your fame level. The item level of the item rewards via world quests increases at fame rank 10 (week 3), 19 (week 6) and 29 (week 10).

Apropos: Once a week in the Maw, you can randomly get a level 183 item at the "Wrath of the Jailer" event. The event is marked on the map with two crossed swords.

Reputation dealer

In Oribos in the room to the left of the enclave you will find the quartermasters for the different factions, who are conveniently all in one place. Each of them offers one or the other item that you can wear with your hero's armor class. The item levels depend on your reputation level. On a friendly reputation level there are clothes of level 161, on a respectful level there is item level 181 and with a reverent reputation you can look forward to items with an item level of 200.

Pact armor

You will receive a total of seven upgradeable pact armor in exchange for anima from the armorer of your pact; the NPC for upgrading these clothes is usually right at the blacksmith's. The further you advance in the pact campaign, the higher levels of gear become available. That goes up to epic quality with a stately item level over 190. But for that you have to collect a lot of anima as well as all kinds of fame. You will receive two levels of fame per week if you complete the two weekly pact quests. There is another level when completing the Pact Campaign quest.

In the first week of Shadowlands (since November 25th) you could achieve fame level 4 and thus get the gloves with item level 155. In week 2 (since December 2nd) you can buy cloaks and pants, week 3 (since December 9th) brings the bracers to rank 2. In other words: You have reached rank 2 and can therefore bring any pact armor you bought to level 164. At the start of Nathria, there are a few slots that you can fill if your luck at drop wasn't hold.

From week 4 (from December 16) there are not only the two weekly pacts, but also two campaign quests. This enables the purchase of shoulder pieces and belts at rank 3 with item level 171. Surprise! There is also a helmet, at rank 4 (level 177). Remember to always upgrade your other armor, because with that you will already reach a higher average item level than in heroic dungeons! With a total of seven items on rank 4, you are only slightly below the level of Mythic-Gear.

Then there is a short dry spell, only in the sixth week (from December 30th) shortly before the turn of the year there is the next chapter of the pact campaign and with it the boots with rank 5 and item level 181. In the seventh week there are (for the time being) the last two chapters of the Pact campaign – so you have access to the chest armor at rank 6 with item level 190 and you are well equipped. By the way: Timegates of the pact campaign are only available for the Shadowlands start. So later on it will be super easy for newcomers and twinks to quickly get the complete pact armor! Sweet!

The tips are based on the video from Bellular. Check it out!

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