Item level in Raid, Mythic-Plus and PvP

from Philipp Sattler
In the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, the developers have banned almost all systems that can accidentally improve your equipment from the game. According to the motto "let loot be loot", the items should be in the foreground again and feel like an improvement even without titanium forged or spoilage.

War-forged, titanium-forged, base stones, spoilage effects – the list of improvements that a piece of equipment in WoW can have beyond its actual values ​​is long. With the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, Blizzard is tackling this problem and banning some effects completely from the game and extremely reducing the effects of others. The focus of the players should be directed back to the actual items. Instead of just paying attention to whether and which additional effect is available, the players should enjoy the actual item more again. In addition, it should finally be possible again to recognize immediately whether a new item is better than the old one. So far so good.

At the same time, the developers are also using Shadwolands according to their own statements on three pillars, which are intended to equip your own character: raids, PvP and Mythic Plus dungeons. In principle, players with any kind of "coordinated group content" should get powerful and above all comparable equipment. For example, the rewards from heroic raids are currently in the beta at the same level as items from mythical dungeons of level 7 (weekly rewards) or PvP gear of the challenger level. And the rewards from the new weekly box, the safe, should be equally good with a similar performance.
However, the developers remind that Shadowlands is still in beta and the levels can still change at any time. The following item levels have been confirmed by the players or dataminers so far.

Nathria Castle Raid Rewards

Level of difficultyFirst eight bossesFinal two bosses

Rewards in the first Season Mythic Plus

Keystone levelDungeon rewardsWeekly rewards
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